Post Partum Stretch Marks

The aftermath of pregnancy is not at glamorous. Sure you have a newborn to ooh and ahh over but you may be feeling like a balloon that was overly stretched and
hasn’t slept for weeks. Post partum stretch marks don’t help this in any way shape or form and addressing stretch marks from pregnancy is hardly at the top of the “to do” list when you are a feeding station and life protector of a new human. You might want to make managing your pregnancy stretch marks a priority for at least a few minutes a day, as the quicker you address new stretch marks, the better chance you have at fading that nasty discoloration. Get more facts about stretch marks at

Stretch marks from pregnancy will eventually fade and shrink a bit on their own, but you should be aware that these scars are indeed scars. They are scars that are very deep within the skin that resulted from tearing, which doesn’t sound nice at all. These scars have to be cared for and healed as much as possible, in the same
manner you would care for a c-section scar if you had one of those. If you are definitely not having any more children, you may want to look into a tummy tuck with a reputable plastic surgeon if you have extensive pregnancy stretch marks that just have to completely go. This is the only assured way to totally remove abdominal stretch marks – ones below the belly button area that is.
When you are first nursing, you can also look into applying a stretch mark cream that is safe to use during breastfeeding to your stretch marks. Some women have great luck in reducing the visibility of their stretch marks with topical stretch mark products, but also some doctors recommend a stretch mark cream regimen as a
precursor to laser resurfacing sessions that can work in conjunction with the topicals to get better results.

Staying well hydrated and moisturized is never a bad thing, and you need time for yourself to heal and feel good about yourself. The newborn has to come first, but
that doesn’t mean you are erased and there are some things that if you put them off, are worse to deal with later. Stretch marks definitely fall into this category.

Also consult your doctor about stretch mark management as soon as you get pregnant. They may have some recommendations and it’s just smart to run by them any type of treatment you are thinking about employing while pregnant or nursing.